Staff Feature - Barb Dunham

This Friday's Staff Feature Friday spotlight's our newest High School Special Education Teacher, Mrs. Barb Dunham!  Mrs. Dunham will assume her new position next week when students return to the classroom!

Mrs. Dunham's family consists of her husband Bill, the 6-12 Industrial Arts teacher, and her daughter, Emeline who will be in 7th grade at Wapello this fall.

Mrs. Dunham holds a degree from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.  Mrs. Dunham has worked for the Wapello Community School District for the past two years as the PK-12 ELL Coordinator.  She has 21 years of prior teaching experience before coming to work as the Wapello ELL Coordinator.  

In her spare time, you will Mrs. Dunham spending time with her family, traveling, baking, reading, and working on genealogy when time allows.  

When asked what she likes best about working for the Wapello Community School District, she had this to say, "I didn't grow up in a small town, so I love the sense of "community" that prevails here in Wapello, not just within the town itself, but within the WCSD family, too. I especially appreciate the way everyone rallies around individuals and families when they have a significant challenge they are facing; our family has been greatly blessed by the "small town strength," and we have appreciated being able to support other families in similar situations since we joined the community a few years ago. Wapello is a great place to live, and our WCSD students are fortunate to be growing up in a place where taking care of each other is just normal, every-day life, both in and out of school."

Congratulations to Mrs. Dunham being selected for today's Staff Feature Friday.  Make sure to check back next Friday to see who we spotlight for the next installment of our Staff Feature Friday!
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